Lamu Island Dive Sites

Diving from Lamu is best from November to March. At present there is only one specialist dive operator in Lamu who can be contacted through all the hotels on the island. Run by a very friendly Englishman the diving is from a traditional dhow at sites around one and a half hours sailing time from the island.

Kinyika Island

The dive site is in the form of a number of exposed rocks jutting out high above the sea, and there is good unspoilt coral formation on the southwestern side. These reefs are inhabited by huge numbers of yellow snappers and an array of other colourful tropicals. There are also groupers, some large Napoleon wrasse in the deeper sections, and jacks and barracuda to be seen. The shallow waters around the island offer excellent snorkelling opportunities when the water is clear. The dhow trip in itself is enjoyable experience visiting divers should make the effort to dive here.
Location: The dive site is on the southwestern side of Kinyika Island, which is located to the south of Lamu Bay.
Access: Approximately 1hr by motorized dhow from Lamu. There is a good anchorage on the south side of the island.
Conditions: Best dived on a high neap tide.
Maximum depth: 20m (65ft).
Average depth: 12-15m (40-50) in the diving season and often up to 20m (65ft).
Average water temperature: 25-29ºC (77-80ºF).

Last Updated on Monday 7th December 2009