Malindi Dive Sites

The Malindi Marine National Reserve was established in 1968 and covers 213 sq. km. Most diving is carried out in the 6 sq. km within Malindi Marine National Park near the reefs of Casuarina Point.

The currents around Malindi can be strong so most dives are drift dives.

When to go
The best visibility is usually from July - November.

Recompression Chamber
The closest recompression facilities are located at the Kenyan naval base in Mombasa. The closest hospital is the Malindi district hospital.

Stork Passage
Usually taken as a drift dive due to the current. This site is in the form of a 1 km long channel and the many barracuda which gather here cause the site to be known as Barracuda Channel by some operators.It is also common to see reef sharks, turtles, grouper and stingrays which combined, with the good rose coral, make this an excellent site.
Access: 30 min boat trip from Malindi
Average depth: 10-20m
Maximum depth: 20m
Average visibility: 10-20m

the chance of seeing the larger fish combined with the fine corals make Stork Passage the pick of these sites.

Last Updated on Monday 7th December 2009