Mozambique Dive Sites

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Scuba Diving Opportunities in Mozambique

Popular diving locations are to be found at Ponta Malangani, Inhaca and dozens of other spots along the length of the Quirimba Archipelago in the far north. Besides, Ponta do Ouro, Ponta Mamoli, Inhaca Island near Inhambane and Morrungulo, among a host of other locations also provide excellent scuba reefs. The lodges on Bazaruto and Banguerra offer the longest established diving operations, including dive master and the latest equipment and boats.

Other locations offer varying facilities. Some are likely to be upgraded in the future, so one is well advised to inquire before deciding on where they want to do their diving. The nearest decompression chambers are in South Africa, at Sodwana bay and Johannesburg. Rescue opportunities at the more far remote areas may be difficult to find, while in others, more established operations have reliable systems to evacuate casualties to South African and Zimbabwean hospitals. Usually, wherever there are ski-boats for hire you can assume there should be scuba gear available as well. If you are a novice enquire whether resort diving courses are on offer at hotel or lodge you intend to visit.

Barra Lodge, Inhambane

The dive centre is fully equiped with necessary facilities including kitting up room, filling station, rest areas, kit storage, lecture and firstaid. Resident diving instructors offer professional tuition. Resort, open water and advanced courses are on offer. Equipment may be hired at a nominal charge.

Reefs and some close pinnacles are available. Dive depths vary from 8 metres to 30 metres offering a variety of diving experiences. Commonly seen are mantas, whale sharks, turtles, a huge variety of reef fish and for the lucky a sighting of the rare dugong.

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