Namibia Dive Sites

The Namibia coast is not ideal for diving. It’s a shallow, high-energy coast so the visibility is usually less than one metre and the water is cold. The cray fishing in the season (1November to 30 April) is very good, though most Namibian divers dive in one of two spectacular sinkholes. They are Otjikoto and Lake Guinas, both of which are deep and at altitude. Lake Otjikoto has an underwater museum of sorts as the Germans dumped vast quantities of ammunition, including large guns. The largest known underground lake in the world is in Namibia, in Dragon’s Breath cave. Diving there involves organizing a huge expedition. Namibia is known for it’s wide-open spaces, abundance of wildlife and two deserts, the Namib and Kalahari. But it is also a country with caves, and particularly interesting ones, both for people interested in bats, as well as for scuba divers, since many of the caves hold large quantities of underground water. One of these reservoirs, Dragon’s Breath, is the biggest known subterranean lake in the world. Members of the Namibian Underwater Federation (NUF) are world leaders in the field of sports diving in terms of the gas mixture, which they use in their breathing apparatus when sports diving depths of 40 metres is exceeded. Diving in Namibia’s extraordinary subterranean lakes, however should be attempted only by highly experienced divers. Scuba diving off Namibia’s coast also presents a daunting challenge, as sea temperatures vary from 9centigrade to 7 centigrade and visibility is often as little as half a metre, at best not more than three matres.

Diving along the Coast
Diving in Namibia’s coastal waters does not require such specialized skills as exploring the underwater caves
of the interior. From December to May, between Spencer Bay and Luderitz, the visibility is between 3 m and
10 m, and shipwrecks makes diving there a special experience. North of Spencer Bay the visibility is mostly
half a metre, which makes diving well nigh impossible.

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