Shimoni Dive Sites

Located near the Tanzanian border, the islands which lie off the Shimoni peninsula are protected in the 39 Kisite-Mpunguti Marine National Reserve, established in 1978.

Nyulli Reef

The strong current and depth of the reef here makes it a site for experienced divers only. The pristine corals are superb and many large fish are usually seen including reef sharks, giant groupers, snappers and barracuda. If you are fortunate large zebra sharks also can be seen.

The relatively flat reef has a marker buoy chained to it which leads you down to a depth of about 25m, where there is an overhang before the floor drops away to around 40m on a sandy bottom. At the base of the chain you will come across an overhang on the reef that creates a small cavern which was home to a giant grouper that was at least 2 metres long.

Nyulli Reef is not the most attractive reef in terms of coral but the sheer numbers of fish easily make up for this. A lovely dive.
A ccess: 15 min boat trip from Shimoni
Average depth: Top of the reef at 20m, down to 30m
Maximum depth: 40m
Average visibility: 15-40m

Last Updated on Monday 7th December 2009