Watamu Dive Sites

Manta Place

This site has little current and a max depth of 15m and, as the name indicates, manta rays are often seen here along with an abundance of other marine life and good corals.
Access: 25 min boat trip from Watamu Bay
Average depth: 10-15m
Average visibility: 15-20m


The Blue Bay Village Watamu is 25 km south of Malindi and has world famous coral reefs. These are protected by the Watamu Marine Reserve (32 sq. km) and Watamu Marine National Park (10 sq. km) which were both established in 1968. The site has numbers of whale sharks, manta rays, eagle rays and dolphins.
3 COMPRESSORS (Bauer K-14)
150 TANKS (10,12,15 ltr, 200 bar, INT/DIN )
6 DIVING BOATS: 1 Life Boat for 15 pax
1 Life Boat for 10 pax, 1 FB-Boot for 6 pax, 1 FB-Boot for 12 pax, 1 FB-Boot for 15 pax,
1 FB-Boat for 18 pax.
Demand Valves (Scubapro,Cressi) with Pressure Gauges
Stabilizing Jackets, Buoyancy Compensators
Snorkelling Equipment Underwater Torches and Lamps
Battery charging equipment for flash lights and lamps
Batteries for cameras and flash lights available
Fully Equiped Workshop for any kind of Repair
Personal Gear may be stored in the office
T-shirts, underwater slides and postcards for sale
Diving Season: October - April, May, June & July - Closed In August & September dives take place inside the reef.
Dive Sites: Canyon, Deep Place, Moray Reef, South Reef, Wreck dive, *Black Coral Reef.Only for experienced divers.
Visibility: November max.30 mtrs, December – January max.40 mtrs, February – April max.25 mtrs
Current: Very rarely
Dives: 2 dives daily, usually in the mornings, depending on tides. Closed on Sundays
Dive Groups: Max. 5 divers per group plus guide. Beginners and photographers in separate groups, if possible. Dives from and to anchor line. No free ascents in the open sea.
Night Dives: After prior arrangements,depending on weather conditions and tides. Torches and lamps are available for hire.
Water Temperatures: 24-28 degrees celcius. Lycra is enough protection.
Dives: see attached pricelist
Marine Park: All our dives take place in the Marine National Park and Reserve in Watamu. A fee of US$ 5.- per person per day has to be paid. Tickets are available at the diving base.
Transport: Transport can be arrange at own risk. Free transport from your Hotel in Watamu to diving base.
Diving School: Beginner courses after arrangements
Discover Scuba Diving: 1 afternoon pool training, 1 open water dive VDST-Bronze : pool training(CMAS*) theory (+exam) 6 open water dives (incl.exercises) licence,diving pass and logbook. PADI-Open Water: pool training theory (+exam) 4 open water dives (incl.exercises) licence and logbook. For all above listed courses we also offer advanced courses,such as PADI Advanced Open Water, PADI Rescue Diver or Specialty courses , as well as VDST Bronze andGold.

Deep Place

There is usually little current here and the unspoilt coral reef slopes down to 25m. The variety of hard and soft corals is superb but people really dive here in the hope of seeing the whale sharks, dolphins, and manta rays which all frequent the site.
Access: 15 min boat trip from Watamu Bay.
Average depth: 10 - 25m
Maximum depth: 25m
Average visibility: 15 - 20m

Black Coral Reef

The reef does not start till 32 m so is only suitable for experienced divers. Sloping down to 45m the coral is outstanding with some of the bushes of black coral reaching 2m in height. The rare blue sea cucumber is also found here and the pristine state of the reef is preserved because only limited numbers of divers are allowed to visit the site.
Access: 25 min boat trip from Watamu Bay
Average depth: 32 - 40m
Maximum depth: 45m
Average visibility: 15 - 20m

The Canyon

The sandy bottom of the reef winds through a canyon of coral walls containing numerous overhangs and swim-throughs. Stingrays often lie on the bottom and reef sharks frequent the area.
Access: 20 min boat trip from Watamu Bay
Average depth: 10-25m
Maximum depth: 25m
Average visibility: 20-30m

Moray Eel Reef

This site appears to be the perfect habitat for large moray eels. There are giant and honeycomb as well as numerous spotted species lurking in the corals and on the sandy bottom, ribbon and garden eels are common.
Access: 15 min boat trip from Watamu Bay
Average depth: 10-25m
Maximum depth: 25m
Average visibility: 20-25m


All the reefs in Watamu give excellent diving, for the experienced diver Black Coral Reef is particularly recommended.

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