Namibia Ecotourism - Erongo Region, Kunene Region, Conservancies

Erongo Region

Various initiatives have been taken by local communities to generate a source of income from tourism and more are being developed with the help of NACOBTA in the Erongo region. The Topnaar community is a group of Nama people who live on the banks of the Kuiseb river and are developing projects to identify ways to share their unique traditions and customs with visitors. Other projects in Erongo include Brandberg mountain guides.

Kunene Region

The Kunene region hosts the largest number of NACOBTA members. Initiatives are divided between the Himba, Herero and Damara people and range from campsites to traditional villages, local tour guides and craft centres. The area is currently experiencing a rapid growth in communal area conservancy formation, which demonstrates the perseverance with which the communities are initiating efforts to improve their livelihood.


A conservancy consists of a group of commercial farms or areas of communal land on which neighbouring landowners or members have pooled their resources for the purpose of conserving and using wildlife sustainably. Members practice normal farming activities and operations in combination with wildlife use on a sustainable basis. Conservancies are operated and managed by members through a democratically elected committee, and have been established in several parts of Namibia including the Khomas Hochland, Waterberg and Ngarangombe areas.

Last Updated on Wednesday 25th November 2009