Oasis of Ain Umm Ahmed, Sinai Desert

Oasis of Ain Umm Ahmed, Sinai Desert

Ain Umm Ahmed - the spring of Ahmed’s mother – stands mightily on a higher level in Wadi El Ain, safe above the floods’ height when they happen.

Dubbed one of the most beautiful Oases in the area, Ain Umm Ahmed is not so popular, therefore quiet and secluded. Covered in lush palm trees and fruits gardens, the oasis’ life has a number of fresh pure water springs to thank.

About 18 km (12 miles) away from Ain Furtaga starts the well marked track that leads to Ain Umm Ahmed. If you keep going on the slightly uphill trail that runs among rocks and boulders, you will reach an interestingly looking part of the road, where rocks are chalky white and dusty, gradually turning into lovely vibrant shades of light blue, orange and deep red, making you feel like you’re visiting an alien planet. Worth noticing is the sumptuous Ras El-Qelb (Head of a Dog) mountain in its thousand meters (about 3,300 feet) height.

Turning into a road, the trail’s breccia surface stretches for a few meters sandwiched between the mountain and the deep multicolored sandstone bed of a dry stream.
ruins of Ein Umm Ahmed, Sinai desert
This road will lead you to the sandy Wadi El-Ain, adorned with dispersed acacias, palm trees and wells.

If you keep going, you’ll find Ain Umm Ahmed’s fruits gardens on your left.

The tracks from Ain Umm Ahmed will lead you to Wadi Lethi, followed by Wadi Mikeimin and Wadi Khudra, till you reach Ain Khudra.

The Oasis Ain Umm Ahmed, Deep water ways, caused by snow and rain fall on the highest mountains in the Sinai. Walk inside magnificently beautiful Coloured canyon, have your dinner and spend the night in Ain Umm Ahmed oasis-the largest oasis in eastern Sinai. Mostly jeep trail with a technical wadi option from Ain Umm Ahmed. Ascend Wadi el Ain and then traverse the technical section to the oasis of Ain Umm Ahmed then descend the jeep road to Bir Sawra.
the camel race in the Wadi Al-Zalaga, between St Catherine's Monastery and the Oasis of Ain Umm- Ahmed near Nuweiba.
The camel race in the Wadi Al-Zalaga, between St Catherine's Monastery and the Oasis of Ain Umm- Ahmed near Nuweiba.

Ain Umm Ahmed Oasis is stunning. It is one of the least visited, but most beautiful in the Sinai. This is a huge palm grove broken by small gardens and orchards. Surely it would be most wonderful time in your life walking this adventure and this oasis would be by far the most memerable moment of your holiday.

Last Updated on Wednesday 22nd December 2010