Wadi Mandar - Sinai Desert Trekking

Sinai Desert camel

Wadi Mandar makes a very pleasant outing in the late afternoon if you’re staying at Sharm el Sheikh.

Located at about 20 km from Sharm, if you take the Sharm - Dahab highway, Wadi Mandar’s entrance is marked by a local school attended by Bedouin children. Spreading over about thirteen kilometers in length, the wadi ends with a wall of rocks.

Known for its beautiful rocks formations, the local Bedouins set out guided camel rides, allowing tourists to experience to beautiful shapes and colors of the area’s granite hills, basalt veins and dispersed acacia trees.
Wadi Mandar - Sinai Desert
The site is a popular one for Bedouin dinners put together in collaboration with the locals who light a fire, prepare a Bedouin dinner, and entertain their guests with traditional music and dancing.

Last Updated on Wednesday 22nd December 2010