Festivals in Kenya

Image: Festivals in Kenya

Festivals in Kenya are grandly observed all over the country. Kenya is a country of Eastern Africa, which is enclosed by Ethiopia to the northern edge, Somalia to the eastern edge, Tanzania to the southern edge and Uganda to the western edge. This country is flourished by a number of significant landmarks and plenty of sightseeing spots. All the tourists coming to this country pay a visit to all the tourist attractions. Additionally, there are a number of exclusive festivals in Kenya.

The Kenya Tourism Week

Of all the festivals in Kenya, The Kenya Tourism Week, which starts from 21st of September and ends on 27th of September every year. The official launching takes place at the Kenyatta Stadium of Machakos town. During this week-long celebration, the travelers can travel to the less-explored places. The attractive places include Kwa Katunga Forest, Anti-Gravity Site, Magic hill, Lukenya Hill and many more.

Ferodo Councours d'Elegance

Ferodo Councours d'Elegance has become the most popular annual event that was started almost 29 years back. It first took place at the Nairobi Race Course. Some foreign countries like Mauritius, South Africa and East African countries have been taking part in this festival. The main attractions of this festival is the "Vintage" cars. You can see some old cars like the 1924 fiat, the 1928 Ford Tudor, the 1934 Railton ports cars and the 1966 Mercedes Benz 250 SE.

International Camel Derby

International Camel Derby offers a helpful way to increase the consciousness of booming desertification. This festival was celebrated in the year 1990. The countries that now take part are Australia, America, New Zealand, Canada, England, France, Spain, Japan, South Africa. The participants of these countries fight against the reigning Kenyan champions. The camels in this event are chosen by judges, for the races are based on power, handlers and are dormant for speed.

The Dugong Festival and the Lamu Donkey Racing
Lamu is a wonderful old stone town with a distinctive Arab traditional architecture, curved doors, narrow streets, absence of vehicles, many mosques, fishermen, women dressed in black and wearing the bui bui and is rich in the Muslim culture. The town is in the North Coast region of Kenya and takes tourism seriously as this is the major source of income. Residents of this historical town hold a festival in May each year under the name of the "Lamu Dugong festival" and incorporate the famous donkey race. Donkeys are the sole means of transport in Lamu and are found in large numbers! The festival lasts a week and brings together people from all sectors including visiting tourists. The major theme of the festival is to create awareness to the residents and the public about the need to conserve the Dugong found near the islands (mythologically known as the mermaid), which is an endangered species.

Last Updated on Tuesday 18th January 2011