Festivals in Tanzania

Image: Festivals in Tanzania

Dar es Salaam Music and Dance Festival

This is a competitive festival of ethnic music and dance featuring performers from all across the mainland of Tanzania.

Mount Meru International Marathon

The World's Most Exotic Marathon, starts and ends in Arusha, Tanzania, the gateway to the magnificent national parks of Tanzania and nearby Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Great Serengeti Wildlife Migration

Few things in nature are as stunning as this mass movement of a continent's wildlife as they move to seasonal pastures. The Wildebeest Migration is a dramatic story. It takes place within Kenya and Tanzania and is the greatest wildlife show on earth. Between the open plains of the Serengeti and the Maasai Mara, thousands of wildebeests and zebras migrate to greener pastures as the seasons change and the circle of life and death continues. Predators follow the Wildebeest Migration closely, waiting for an opportunity to strike weak prey as they make their way into different territories.

Festival of the Dhow Countries

Established in 1997, Zanzibar International Film Festival [ZIFF] aims to support and promote arts and culture from the Dhow Region - the countries of the African Continent, Gulf States, Iran, Indian Sub-Continent and Indian Ocean Islands.

The Festival of the Dhow Countries is now the largest annual cultural event in East Africa, and among the eight major festivals in sub-Saharan Africa. It is scheduled annually around the first two weeks in July. The festival celebrates the arts and cultures of the African Continent, India, Pakistan, Gulf States, Iran and the Indian Ocean islands. It features an international film and video competition, music, theatre and performing arts, workshops, seminars, conferences and other related arts and cultural programmes. The festival programme is centred in a variety of magnificent venues near the seafront in the historic Stone Town; with a Village Panorama that extends the festival to rural communities; Women’s Panorama, which provides a focus for women’s issues; Children’s Panorama, which provides for the participation of children and youths.

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Boma Road Street Festival

A whole week of fun and entertainment, music and performing arts, and artists working in the street

Peasants Day: Every 8th of August

Tanzania celebrates Peasants’ Day as a public holiday.

Tanzania Peasants Day, also known as Saba Saba is the national holiday in Tanzania. It is also known as Workers Day, Industry’s Day or Peasants Day.

It is celebrated on August 8 every year. Actually, it is the celebration of the founding of the Tanganyika African National Union before the constitution was changed and after was celebrated as the Peasants Day.

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