Festivals in Tunisia

Image - The Sahara Festival

One of the most important parts of the Tunisian culture is the numerous Festivals that take place across the country throughout the year. The lively nature of the people of Tunisia is reflected through their celebrations. From the smallest villages to the biggest cities of Tunisia, Festivals are celebrated all over. Tunisia Festivals include summer harvest, spring arrival, fishing season and many more. Tourists along with the natives participate and celebrate by dancing, eating and drinking.

The Sahara Desert Festival

Tunisia climax tour are located in Sahara desert that wide. In fact, this Arid sand plains can be enjoyed in ways that stimulate adrenalin. Such as explore this desert that has golden sand with a Jeep, like off road.

Visit to Sahara will be more fitting if it comes every December. In what is called “the International Sahara Festival.” This festival has a history that is quite old. Festival held in the city of Douz, Tunisia, has been held since 1910.

Hence, the festival was held to 41-years ago in December, tourists around the world come directly to Douz city. Tourists who come not only from Africa, but also from the United States and Europe. Nevertheless, this festival is dominated by the tourist attraction of Saudi Arabia.

Unlike the previous, to the festival-41 is much more interesting because of a traditional dance performance, hunting, races, and camel racing. For the tourist, two of Saudi Arabia this event is very interesting because they have a hobby of hunting and camel racing.

The International Festival

The international festival consists of music and dance. It takes place in July-August at the ancient sites of Carthage. Several renowned artists and symphonic orchestras perform at the festival. The international music festival takes place in July at the ancient colosseum of El-Jem.

Moulid al Nabi

The birthday of Mohammed is celebrated with feasts and parades during the month of June-July.

Jazz Festival

The very famous Tabarka Jazz Festival takes place in early July in the city of Tabarka.

Dougga Festival

The Dougga festival is a very special festival that takes place in Dougga city. During this festival some excellent classical dramas are performed.

International Festival of Carthage

A syncretic international arts festival,with lots of fusion between local, more traditional forms of music and dance and more mainstream, international styles. Particular examples include forms of Tunisian music mixed with jazz.

Ballooning at Nefta

oasis town of Nefta lies in amdist the spectacular landscapes of the Sahara amking for a dramatic contrast with the colorful balloons rising and floating above the dunes.

Oasis Festival

A celebration of desert communities and the natural landscape, includes camel racing, storytelling, traditional dance and music performances and other folkloric events.

Last Updated on Tuesday 16th March 2010