Festivals in Zimbabwe

Image - Zimbabwe International Trade Fair

Zimbabwe is one of the popular holiday destinations in the world drawing tens of thousands of tourists across the globe every year. The country is home to the spectacular Victoria Falls. Harare is the capital city of Zimbabwe. The country is landlocked on all sides. The Victoria Falls is situated on the Zambezi River. The country offers swanky hotels, smashing restaurants and great nightclubs and shopping centers.

Africa Day

Africa Day (25 and 26 May) which commemorates all African independence struggles.

Heroes's Day

Heroes’ Day (11 and 12 August) when the Zimbabwean military forces are fêted and national heroes are remembered and honoured, also incorporate traditional Zimbabwean music.

Zimbabwean Music Festival

The Zimbabwean Music Festival is an annual celebration of Zimbabwean music and culture. The first festival was organized in Seattle in 1991 by a small committee of former students of the late Dr. Dumisani Maraire, the dynamic Zimbabwean musician who first introduced marimba and mbira music to the Pacific Northwest. In the years since, the festival has moved up and down the west coast, staged by volunteers in Seattle, Eugene, Portland, Victoria, Port Townsend, Seaside (California), Bellingham, and Olympia.

The mission of the Zimbabwean Music Festival is twofold: to provide a venue for the increasingly international community of students, teachers, and performers of Zimbabwean music to come together and share, and to foster the growth of that community by reaching out to an ever-wider audience through educational and performance initiatives.

Zimbabwe Agricultural Society Show

Is held at the Showgrounds in Harare around the end of August, attracting farmers and agriculture students from around the world.

Zimbabwe International Trade Fair

Powered with years of expertise and skills, Zimbabwe International Trade Fair Company(ZITF) is one of the highly aclaimed organziers of international exhibitions and events. The ZITF hosts business events for bolstering trade and investment through innovation and value addition for the advantages of stakeholders. It is independently governed and adminsitered by permanent professional staff and also works in close colloboration of governmnet for genearting better results for its exhibitors. The ZITF has a modern exhibition centre which is vested on 17 hectare site and is at the close proximity of the central business district of the City of Bulawayo. It has 6 fully equipped and serviced exhibition halls which have more than 100 individual pavillions.

New Year in Zimbabwe

The cities in Zimbabwe are decked up with lights on the last day of the year. New Year is a special day in Zimbabwe. People engage themselves in a rash of activities. On New Year Eve the young people are seen to throng nightclubs and dancing to the pulsating rhythm of the electrifying music played there. Others choose to have dinners in restaurants or bars or stay at homes and enjoy lavish home cooked meals. The wildlife parks in the country are most visited on this day. The celebrations are marked by lot of drinking and feasting. People who do not want to stay in the country during this part of the year, go for long vacations to the beaches or into the tropical forests.

Independence Day

Traditional music and dancing can also be seen on the various Independence Day festivals that take place in just about every town on 18 April.

Christmas in Zimbabwe

Christmas is one of the much awaited festivals in Zimbabwe. Christians form the major bulk of the population of Zimbabwe. As the country is situated towards the south of the equator, people get to celebrate here Christmas during the summer season when people in the other part of the globe celebrate Christmas in cool winters. The people in Zimbabwe start celebrating Christmas one month before the Christmas Day. On Christmas Eve the churches are adorned with lights and decorations. At homes people decorate their Christmas trees with stars, bells, lights, mistletoes, lights. The homes are beaurifully decorated with ivy plants. People sit in front of their houses with their big stereos and play Christmas music. On the day of Christmas, on 25th December, children wake up quickly and open their gifts in front of the Christmas Trees. The people attend special morning services in the churches. After attending morning service people visit the homes of friends and relatives, convey their beat wishes and exchange gifts. The various homes in the country celebrate Christmas by hosting special feasts in the evening. The dishes include chicken, rice, cornmeal porridge, roasted ox or goat and desserts.

Last Updated on Sunday 14th March 2010