Historical Sites In Nigeria

Jos National Museum and Museum of Traditional Nigerian Architecture (Motna)

The National Museum Jos is situated opposite the Jos Zoo in the heart of the city. This museum is one of the earliest museums in Nigeria and also a popular one. Famous among the collections in the museum are Nok Terracotta Sculptures dating as far back as 500 B.C. Other displays are transport and mining exhibitions of yesteryears.

The environmental museum of Traditional Nigerian Architecture (MOTNA) is possibly the only one of its kind in black Africa. Its aim is to preserve the diverse traditional Nigerian architecture. The museum is divided into zones according to similar types of architecture.

National War Museum Umuahia

This outstanding attraction is at Ebitu Amafor in Ikwuano/Umuahia Local Government area of Abia State. The Complex comprises the 'Ojukwu Bunker' and civil disturbance weapons of the pre-colonial era and those acquired or manufactured during the Nigerian Civil War (1966- 1970). Other relics in the museum include: local bombs referred to as Ogbunigwe and Ojukwu Bucket, material related to the Enugu Coal Miners Riots, Aba Women Riot, Niger Delta disturbances and Maitatsine Religious disturbances.

National Museum Benin

The National Museum Benin City is situated in the heart of the city. The museum contains intrinsic artworks like terracottas, bronze figures and cast iron pieces depicting stones of the Old Benin Empire. The ground floor of the museum exhibits artworks that tell the history and kingship of Benin.

Inikpi Shrine

Located right inside the market at Idah town of Kogi State, the statue represents the memory of the daughter of Attah Ayegba who sacrificed herself to be buried alive with slaves in order to save her father's Kingdom from an invading enemy force.

Gobarau Minaret

A great landmark in Katsina, capital of Katsina State, is the minaret, which is more than 300 years old. Built with sun-baked clay and mud by the ancient craftsmen of the town around 1780. Because of its height the minaret was also used for sighting of enemies during the war period.

Geji Rock Paintings

The Geji Rock Paintings are at Dutseen Sare near Geji in Bauchi State, on the Bauchi Jos Road. The paintings are not all that clear nor particularly large or impressive. However, they are of interest to historians because they are considered to be about 800 years old.

Ijebu Ode Birikisu-Sungbo Shrine, Oke Eri

The shrine, which is located near Ijebu Ode, at Oke Eric, is the tomb of Birikisu, a noblewaman of note and one of the wives of King Solomon. The Shrine is a religious monument for Muslims in Nigeria, and only men are allowed access to the tomb.

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