Wadi Connection – Rest Valley Mountain

Wadi Connection – Rest Valley Mountain

Rest Valley Mountain is a few kilometers away from Dahab, and is the beginning of a couple of good hikes, or camel rides within the surrounding mountains. If you get off the Sharm-Nuweiba road at about 3 km after taking the Dahab exit, you’ll find yourself on a quite smooth trail, one that eventually leads you to a number of forks.

Each branch leads to a different journey; the left branch will take you towards Wadi Qnai El-Atshan, and the right one will take you to the huts of the rest house on an open space with mountains all around.

That very open area is a beginning of many good walks leading to a variety of destinations, like the Sharm-Nuweiba road, or the multi-leveled wells that provide the local Bedouins and their herds with water all year round.

That plentiful water supply plays a big role in how green the surrounding area is. Among the most prominent flora growing are green mustard bushes with their contrasting red fruits, ripe with seeds.
Wadi Connection – Rest Valley Mountain, Siani
Taking the Wadi Umm Misma track back, you’ll enjoy the incredibly beautiful layered view of yellow sandstone rocks, followed contrastingly by the turquoise blue water of the Gulf of Aqaba, crowned by the mountains of Saudi Arabia visible on the opposite shore.

You may deive the bikes on the asphalt road then start desert safari experience. If you drove for something like 20 minutes in the desert then you will be reached your destination, a place called "wadi connection" it means "connection valley". Its a real wonderful place, the valley is not cold like the rest of the open areas around because it is surrounded with mountains.

There is an electricity generator there that provides power needed to light the place, the lights there are very nice, just small lamps that looks like candles. After you reach there and stay for sometime. If they shut down the generator, it might be much nicer, especially if there is no moon and you could see so much beautiful stars! You may have the best dinner ever on candle lights, with grilled chicken, excellent experience even eaten in Dahab.

Last Updated on Saturday 15th January 2011