Hunting in Botswana

Licences for non Resident/Foreigners

  • This costs considerably more.

Special Licences

  • This is for subsistence hunters, these are free but traditional hunting methods must be used.

Licence for Citizens of Botswana

  • This costs very little.

Hunting Areas

  • Hunting areas consist of communal concessions controlled by Botswana wildlife and National Parks. Official bodies include Botswana Outfitters and Professional Hunters Association, and Wildlife and National Parks.

Hunting Season

  • Season is April to September. And primary hunting species: elephant buffalo, lion, leopard, sitatunga, gemsbok, hartebeest. There is a 6 month closed season from November to April.

Categories of Hunting Licences

Hunting fees bring considerable revenue to the Government, and could bring even more. They are the least expensive licence fees in Africa, even those for visitors. Although a Licence to hunt Zebra costs 37 pounds sterling, a Zebra skin can be sold for more than four times that amount by a taxidermist.Every hunter in Botswana must take out a licence. Hunting Licences specify which animals can be shot and how many. There are quotas fordifferent species and hunting of certain species, such as elephant and brown hyenas is prohibited. Licences must be filled in and returned. Bird hunting has a very high kill limit, and hunters do not have to fill in a return, so there is potential for abuse. There has recently been computerisation of hunting licence offences. It has now been shown that large number of animals being shot are not recorded, since many people do not send their returns. The computerization, the first system of its kind in Africa will help detect offences, and provide rapid means of evaluating hunting quotas.


  • Consists of two seasons. Summer months October to March hot and wet. Winter months April to September dry and temperate with cold evenings.
Last Updated on Wednesday 2nd December 2009