Rwanda Investment - Rwanda Privatisation

Rwanda Privatization Process


The government on the 26th august 1996 directed that 46 enterprises be privatized as soon as possible and the governments shares in an additional 18 enterprises be ceded to the private sector. The privatization programme started being implemented from October 1997 and since then 20 enterprises have been sold; 4 under liquidation and the process of selling another 5 is almost complete.

The Enterprises remaining to be privatized include the most important are as follows:

RWANDATEL: A National Telecommunication Company.

ELECTROGAZ: A National Company for the Production, Transport and Distribution of Water, Electricity and Gas.

Tea Factories and Plantation

  • Mata Tea Factory
  • Kitabi Tea Factory
  • Gisakura Tea Factory
  • Shagasha Tea Factory
  • Gisovu Tea Factory
  • Pfunda Tea Factory
  • Rubaya Tea Factory
  • Nyabihu Tea Factory
  • Mulindi Tea Factory


  • National Mining Company (Redemi)
  • Hotel Izuba (Gisenyi)
  • Hotel Akagera (Umutara)
  • Butare Rise Project
  • Bugarama Rice Project
  • Rwamagana Rice Project
  • Onatracom (National Bus Company)

The Government has also decided to sell its shares in the following enterprises:

  • Sopab (An Animal Feeds Factory)
  • Sonafruits (A Fruit Juice Bottling Company)
  • Rwanda Texco (Blankets Manufacturing)
  • Sorwal (A Match Company)
  • Bacar (A Commercial Bank)
  • BCR (Rwanda Commercial Bank)
  • BRD (Rwanda Development Bank)
  • Sonarwa (National Insurance Company)
  • B.K (Banque de Kigali- A Commercial Bank)
  • TabaRwanda (A Tobacco Company)
  • Bralirwa (A Brewery)
  • Etiru (Wheat Factory)
  • Imprisco (Printery)
  • Magerwa (Inland Deport)
  • AMIRWANDA (Travel Company)
  • Rwandex (Coffee Processing & Exporting Co)
  • Sorwathe (Tea Company)

For further information on opportunities for privatization, please contact:

The Executive Secretary and Privatization Secretariat:

B. P. 158,
Tel: 250-75383/75384
Mobile: 08300008
Fax: 250-75384

Last Updated on Saturday 12th December 2009