Track from Nuweiba to Ain Khudra (via Wadi Saada)

Track from Nuweiba to Ain Khudra (via Wadi Saada)

Heading out of Nuweiba, if you take the trail into Wadi Saada, you’ll reach the beautiful oasis of Ain Khudra. Going between the canyon’s high walls for 10 km (6 miles), you’ll find yourself in front of a well, then a broad valley called Wadi Samghi known for its big number of acacias.

The local Bedouins call this area’s trees the “glue trees” due to the fact that these trees seep big quantities of red resin. From that spot going on, the sandstone is the star of the scenery; differing a bit from the rest of the area’s sandstones, those are infused with ferrous oxides and manganese, outstandingly shaped by wind, sand and water.

29 km (18 miles) down the trail, a giant boulder marks an open flat space used by the local Bedouins for their desert night parties and it got so famous for it that it’s being referred to as Wadi Disco by locals.
oasis of Ain Khudra, Sinai Desert
At about 37 km (23 miles) away from the beginning of the track, you will reach a spot where you can take in one of the most magnificent views in the region, a chain of Basalt Mountains.

If you go along the sandy space of the valley, you will get to the fabulous Oasis of Ain Khudra, full of rich green palms shining through the barren yellow and red rocky desert like a precious emerald.

There you’ll also find a spring of crystal clear pure water, and a deep well that serves as the center of the Bedouin village set up in the oasis.

Once you cross the oasis and keep going west, you’ll find yourself at Wadi Ghazala, and if you keep going still, you’ll reach the asphalt Nuweiba-Saint Catherine road after about 16 km (10 miles).

Last Updated on Saturday 15th January 2011