Mozambique Transport Devpt.

In 1983 Mozambique secured several grants for making improvements to the railway network, including the rehabilitation of the vital 450-km rail link between the Moatize coalfields and Beira port.

In October 1986 a short-term programme to reinstate the 'Beira Corridor', linking Zimbabwe to the Beira harbour, was initiated, at a cost of more than US $300m, financed mainly by the Netherlands, Scandinavia and the USA. A major project to rebuild the transport network in the corridor was announced in May 1987, under which Western European countries were to provide most of the $589m cost.

The project was expected to span an eight-year period. In 1987 there was an increase of 25% in traffic through the 'Beira Corridor', although the turnover in the transport sector overall declined by 8%, owing to continued disruption by Renamo and a decline in South African traffic. The rehabilitation of the Limpopo railway, which began in 1986, was completed in early 1993, at a cost of some $200m.

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