Senegal Transport Policy

In late 1995 the governments of Senegal and Mali agreed to establish, with a view to privatization, a joint company to operate the Dakar-Bamako line. The company was expected to begin operating in mid-1999. There is an international airport at Dakar, which handles about 850,000 passengers and 24,000 tons of freight annually; in addition there are three other major airports and about 15 smaller airfields.

A second airport for the capital is to be constructed at Keur Massar (about 30 km east of Dakar), at an estimated cost of US $200m, with capacity for 2.5m passengers annually. Meanwhile, facilities at CapSkirring and Ziguinchor are being upgraded, with the aim of improving direct access to the Casamance region. In accordance with the governments overall strategy in the transport sector, the privatization of the national carrier, Air Senegal, is scheduled to be completed by the end of 1999.

Last Updated on Thursday 10th December 2009