Seychelles Trans Projects

Seychelles' major infrastructural project, the Mahe east coast development plan, includes the modernization and expansion of Victoria port and the construction of a new road linking Victoria to the airport.

The World Bank agreed in 1985 to lend US $6.2m for dredging work, quayside paving and rehabilitation of roads on Mahe. The total cost of the scheme is likely to be $40m-$42m, of which $12m will be spent on the fisheries development project. As well as the World Bank, the ADB, the Banque Arabe pour le Développement Economique en Afrique (BADEA) and the Kuwait Fund have provided finance for the east coast project.

The commercial port can accommodate vessels of up to 214 m in length, but there is only one berth. Additional berthing capacity is planned, with some facilities for containerization, and possibly a repair dock. In early 1999 the government announced plans for a major land reclamation project on Mahe, costing an estimated $100m and encompassing a new harbour and anchorage for cruise ships.

Last Updated on Wednesday 9th December 2009