Transport in Liberia

Liberia's road network is inadequate and mostly in very poor repair. In 1995 the road network totalled an estimated 10,300 km, of which about 628 km were paved. A main road between Monrovia and Freetown, completed in 1988, reduced die distance between the two capitals from 1,014 to 544 km. Another major road links Monrovia to Ganta in Nimba County.The principal roads in Liberia were closed for most of the civil conflict (apart from a partial reopening in 1992), and free movement was prevented by roadblocks installed by the various armed factions.

Most of the principal roads were reopened during the 1995-96 disarmament process, but remain in poor repair with some rural areas continuing to be inaccessible by road during the rainy season. Some feeder roads have been rehabilitated by local residents in conjunction with non-governmental organizations.

In December 1998 logging company representatives agreed to rehabilitate roads and bridges after a meeting with Taylor, and logging companies have become a significant, although sometimes unwilling, source of rural infrastructural development in the areas in which they operate.

15 June 2006 - Negotiations for upgrading the 87 km Bong Mining Railway from Monrovia are at an advanced stage. Ircon (the Indian Railway Construction Corporation), the preferred bidder, hopes to sign a contract worth some $US110 million before the end of June, according to managing director to rehabilitate the 250km line from Buchanan

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