Uganda Transport Policy

In mid-1999 the ministry of finance, planning and economic development recommended cutting the workforce further, to 800 employees. The government established Uganda Airlines Corpn (UAC) in 1976, and the airline inaugurated its first international scheduled service in 1978, between Entebbe and Nairobi. A scheduled passenger and cargo service started operating from Uganda to Rome, Brussels and London in 1980, using a Boeing 707 airliner. The airline subsequently introduced new routes, to Cologne, Dubai and Bombay.

The weekly service to London was suspended in January 1988 because the 707s failed to satisfy new European noise regulations. This service was resumed in February 1989, using a leased aircraft. By 1991, UAC had only a single Fokker F-27 passenger aircraft, and the airline's route coverage had been considerably curtailed. The government appointed a new management team in 1991, and soon afterwards UAC leased an Air Zimbabwe Boeing 737-200.

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