Congo Travel Facts

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Natural Features: Coastal plain, southern basin, central plateau

Rainy Seasons: March to June

Accommodation: There are good hotels in Brazzaville, Loubomo and Pointe-Noire. Prices and advance bookings can be obtained via Air France

Climate: The rainy season starts from October to May with a brief dry spell around the end of December. The northern part is equatorial with an average annual rainfall of 1100mm

Post and Communications: The post and communication services are fairly reliable and provide international services for calls, fax or telex.

Travel Highlights: Beautiful beaches and the relaxed atmosphere of Pointe-Noire, the friendliness of the people of Congo particularly in the countryside, provide a whole range of activities for the visitor

Getting There:

Air: Air France (AF), Aeroflot (SU), Sabena (SN), Swissair (SR), Air Portugal (TP) and Air Afrique (RK), of which Congo is a minority shareholder, operate international flights to Brazzaville.

Road: There is a road connection from Lambarene in Gabon to Loubomo and Brazzaville. The road from Cameroon is usable only during the dry season. Entry can also be made via the Democratic Republic of Congo and Angola .

Sea: Cargo ships dock at Pointe-Noire. An hourly car ferry operates between Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Brazzaville across the Congo River. Ferries also operate to and from the Central African Republic on the Ubangi River.

Travel Around:

Air: The national airline is Lina Congo. It runs regular services from Brazzaville to Pointe-Noire, with stops in Loubomo and Ouesso. A private service offers flights to Owando, Zanaga and Impfondo.

Road: Roads are mostly earth tracks, sandy in dry season and impassable in the wet season, suitable for four-wheel drive vehicles only. Traffic drives on the right.

Sea and Lakes: Inland steamers ply from Brazzaville up the Congo and Ubangi. Rivers are vital for internal transport.

Rail: Congo-Ocean railway company runs three trains daily between Brazzaville and Pointe-Noire, and a train daily from Mbinda to Point Noire. Services can be erratic. Advance booking is recommended.

Driving: Driving is on the right . International Driving Permit required.

Passport and Visa: Required, but NOT by the following:

  1. Holders of United Nations Laissez-Passer. Passport Validity: Passports must be valid for 3 months from date of departune

Visas: Required, but NOT by the following:

  1. Nationals of Congo.
  2. Nationals of Gabon.
  3. Holders of a re-entry permit or a multiple entry visa.


  • A lodging Certificate provided by relatives in Congo and Authorised by City Hall and the Immigration Authorities is required by visitors or evidence of hotel reservations by tourists or evidence of business invitation or documents proving profession required by business visitors.
  • All visas are issued with a multiple entry for 15, 30 or 90 days.

Recommended Immunisation: diphtheria, hepatitis A, hepatitis B,malaria, meningitis, polio, TB, tetanus, yellow fever, typhoid. Recommended in some cirucmstances, seek further advice.

Compusory Vacination: Yellow fever certificate required by all. Exempt infants under 1 year.

Religion: Animist, Christian, Muslim

Languages: Fr, Lingala, Monokutubu

Currency: CFA franc (CFAfr)

Time: GMT+1

International Dialing Code: 242

International Radios: BBC KHz: (daytime) 17830,15400,6005, (evening) 17830,15500,11835

Business Hours: Government offices are open from 0700 to 1400 Monday to friday and from 0700 to 1200 on Saturday. Banks are open from 0700 to 1100. Shops are open from 0800 to 1200 and 1500 to 1800 Monday to Saturday.

Weekly Days Off: Sunday

Public Holidays: Independence Day (Aug. 15), Christmas Day (Dec. 25), Tree Planting Day (Mar. 5), Labour Day (May. 1), All Saints Day (Nov. 1), New Years Day (Jan. 1), Womens Day (Mar. 9), National Holiday (Jun. 14).

Last Updated on Monday 30th November 2009