Niger Travel Facts

Natural Features: It is a land locked country, two-thirds of the country is desert and over half of the country is uninhabitable. The country is mainly flat, only interrupted by the Air Mountain in the north. The country lacks water, with the exception of the south-west districts, which are watered by the Niger and its tributaries and the southern zone, where there are a number of wells. Elevation extremes:
Rainy Seasons: May to September
Accommodation: Hotel accommodation is difficult to obtain and reservations for major international hotels should be booked early.
Post and Communications: Niamey has a reliable and efficient poste restante. Phoning directly abroad is possible.
Culture: Municipalities in Niger have state-run libraries, and several private organizations maintain libraries. The National Museum of Niger, in Niamey, includes both a library and a museum. Islamic influences from North Africa have had a powerful effect on the culture of Niger.
Food: Niamey has a reasonable selection of foreign restaurants, but outside the capital, eating-places tend to be much more modest, the selection of dishes usually something like grilled chicken or steak fries. Street food is common with vendors selling omelet, salads, riz gras and a variety of other cheap meals. Beef and mutton is a specialty in the Hausa country and the nomadic regions of the north. Brochettes are sold everywhere on the street. Stuffed into a demi-baguette and doused with a bit of maggi sauce, they make a quick satisfying meal. Staples are less varied. Meals are usually based around millet, rice or niebe a type of bean that has become an important crop. Along the river, these are usually eaten with sauces and fresh or smoked fish.

Getting There:

Air: Most international flights are operated by Air Afrique (RK) and UTA (UT).
Road: There are main roads from Kano in Nigeria to Zinder, and from Benin, Burkina Faso and Mali. The principal trans-Sahara desert track runs from Algiers to Asamakka and Arlit, with a paved road to Agadez. Deser

Best Time To Visit: October to November.

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