Senegal Travel Facts

Natural Features: Senegal consists mainly of flat plains, cut by three major rivers, the Casamance River, the Gambia River and Senegal River.
Rainy Seasons: Jun-Sept
There are several international standard hotels and more development is under way, including a number of hotels on the Petite Cote (the stretch of beaches between Dakar and Joal). In Casamance, some luxury resorts have been built.
Post and Communications: Senegal's postal service is good. There are no city codes, internal phone service is good. Calls or faxes can be made from public offices operated by Sonatel, the national phone company.
Food:Senegalese dishes include chicken au yassa (chicken with lemon, pimento and onions) and dem à la St Louis .
Culture: Traditional Senegalese festivals are held throughout the year. Cinemas tend to show the latest French language as well as local films.
Entertainment: A better place for travellers is the Bar Gore'es almost opposite the Gore'e ferry wharf, which has beer, snacks and music. It is popular with sailors.

Getting There:

Air: Dakar, the official capital, is linked to all other capital cities in West Africa, and you have a wide choice of regional airlines, including Air Afrique to Abidjan (Cote d'Ivoire), Bamako (Mali), Bissau (Guinea-Bissau), Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso), Conakry (Guinea) and Nouakchott (Mauritania). There are regular sailings from France, the Canary Islands, Morocco , Spain and several South American and West African ports. The main port is Dakar
Rail: Most travelers going between Senegal and Mali use the train all the way between Dakar and Bamako, although it is possible to get on/off at Tambacounda (in eastern Senegal) or Kayes (in Western Mali). There is a train between Dakar and Bamako twice per week in each direction.The journey can take 30-36 hours.
Road: Roads from Mauritania are tarred and in good condition. Roads from Guinea-Bissau are not yet tarred but there is a border crossing at Sao Domingo. There is a route from Senegal to Mali via Tambacounda

Best Time To Visit: December and April.

Travel Around:

Air: Air Senegal runs services to all the main towns in Senegal. Gambia Air Shuttle offers flights from Dakar to Banjul, Gambia, twice daily.
Road: There are approximately 3,900km of asphalt roads linking the major towns and in the coastal region.
Sea and Lakes: A boat operating on a weekly basis runs from Dakar to Ziguinchor
Rail: The country has a network of about 1,225km of rail track. Trains run from Dakar to towns en route for Mali. There is also a service between Dakar and St Louis.
Driving: International Driving Permit or French licence required.

Passport and Visa: Required, but NOT by the following: (1) Holders of United Nations Laissez-Passer. (2) Holders of a valid Seaman Book travelling on duty.
Passport validity: Please contact nearest Embassy/Consulate.
Recommended Immunisation: diphtheria, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, malaria, meningitis, polio, TB, tetanus, typhoid, yellow fever. Recommended in some circumstances, seek further advice.
Compusory Vacination: yellow fever ceertificate if arriving from endemic areas.

Religion: Christian, Indigenous beliefs, Muslim
Languages: Fr, Wo
GDP: $530 per capita
Currency: CFA franc (CFAfr)
Credit Cards: Are of more use than in other countries, with Visa and Mastercard/Access leading the field for tourist services, car rental, fancy restaurants and flashier shops.
International Dialing Code: 221
International Radios: BBC KHz: (daytime) 17830,15400, 6005, (evening) 17830, 15400.11835
Business Hours: Government offices are open from 0800 to 1200 and 1430 to 1800 Monday to Friday and from 0800 to 1200 on Saturday. Banks are open from 0830 to 1130 and 1430 1630 Monday to Friday.
Weekly Days Off: Saturday,Sunday
Public Holidays: Christmas Day (Dec 25) , Christmas Day (Dec 25), Easter Monday, Ramadan, Whit Monday, Tabaski, Mohammed Birthday. (Variable), New Year's Day (Jan 1), Independence Day (Apr 4), Workers' Day (May 1)
Electricity: 220V AC 50HZ
Emergency Services: Police: 823-71-49

Last Updated on Saturday 5th December 2009