Sudan Travel Facts

Natural Features: Tropical in South,arid desert in north. Generally flat plain, mountains in east and west.
Rainy Seasons: April to October
Accommodation: Khartoum and Port Sudan both have a number of medium-sized hotels, including international standard ones. There are a few smaller hotels in the main towns and several hostels.

Getting There:

Air: The national airline is Sudan Airways
Rail: Rail links run from Cairo in Egypt to Aswan High Dam.
Road: Sudan can be reached by road from Egypt, Libya, Chad, Uganda and the Central African Republic. Entry via Ethiopia is at present not possible
Sea: The only sea ports are Port Sudan on the Red Sea and Suakin, served by passenger lines from the USA, Europe and several African countries. The River Transport Corporation operates regular Nile cruises from Aswan in Egypt to Wadi Halfa. There are also services from Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

Last Updated on Saturday 5th December 2009