Media of Libya

The government controls broadcasting and the press. Newspapers and periodicals are published by the Jamahiriya News Agency (JANA), government secretariats, the Press Service, and trade unions. JANA publishes a daily newspaper, Al-Fajr al-Jadid (“New Dawn”), in Tripoli. Radio broadcasts from Tripoli and Banghazi are in Arabic and English; the national television service broadcasts in Arabic, with limited hours in English, Italian, and French. Three publishers of general and academic books are located in Tripoli.

Media rights body ‘Reporters Without Borders’ has said press freedom is "virtually non-existent" in Libya, with self-censorship being commonplace.

The state owns and strictly controls most media outlets and the authorities do not permit the publication of opinions contrary to government policy.

Some international publications are available, but the authorities routinely censor them and may halt their distribution. Few press visas are issued to foreign journalists.

However, pan-Arab satellite TV stations are freely available and internet access is said to be unfettered, though closely monitored.

The Libyan Jamahiriyah Broadcasting Corporation is the state broadcaster. The first non-state TV station, Al-Libiyah satellite TV, launched in 2007.

The external radio service was renamed the Voice of Africa in 1998, to reflect a change in political orientation towards Africa and away from the Middle East Arab world.

The press

  • Al-Fajr al-Jadid - controlled by an arm of the information ministry
  • Al-Shams - controlled by an arm of the information ministry
  • Al-Jamahiriyah - controlled by an arm of the information ministry
  • Al-Zahf Al-Akhdar - controlled by the Revolutionary Committees Movement
  • The Tripoli Post - English-language weekly


  • Great Jamahiriyah TV - state-run, available terrestrially and via satellite
  • Al-Libiyah - private, via satellite
  • Total television broadcast stations: 12 (plus one low-power repeater) (1999).
  • Televisions: 730,000 (1997).


  • Great Jamahiriyah Radio - state-run
  • Voice of Africa - state-run external service
  • Al-Libiyah FM - private
  • Total radio broadcast stations: AM 16, FM 3, shortwave 3 (2002).
  • Radios: 1.35 million (1997).

News agency

  • Jana (Jamahiriyah News Agency) - state-run
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