Somalia crisis: tribal leaders called meeting

Published on Friday 11th April 2008

Somalia, Apr 11: The Somali tribal leaders have called a crisis meeting, urging the prime minister to end the humanitarian disaster in the African nation.


The meeting was called to discuss fears about the deployment of over 9,000 Ethiopian soldiers near the capital, Mogadishu that forced Somalis to flee their homes and take refuge outside the city. The tribal leaders urged the country's Prime Minister, Nur Hassan Hussein, to order the Ethiopian troops' dismissal from the country in order to help save the lives of innocent civilians, Press TV report said on Thursday. Heavy clashes are expected to erupt between Ethiopian troops and the rebel fighters in the area between Mogadishu and Afgoye, 250 Km (155 miles) from the Capital, where thousands of displaced people are taking refugee. Somalia has plunged into bloody violence since the fall of its former president Mohamed Siad Barre in January 1991.