Somalia Piracy: Geeska Afrika website publishes wrong pics of Puntland

Published on Friday 11th April 2008

Somalia, Apr 11: The Geeska Afrika Online paints a wrong picture about piracy in Somalia.


A story published in website yesterday, Dr. Abdullahi Mohamed, Deputy Editor Geeska Afrika Online, blurs the boundary between news and opinion. It published, 'Piracy is a big problem on Somalia waters. Pirates are known to be operating on Somalia?s long Indian Ocean coast. They come from all parts of southern Somalia.' At one point Dr Abduallahi quotes from a Puntland officer who cadndily spoke about the admintration desire to see pirates eliminated, but rendes the official words worthless by reliying on what he sees as reliable sources that link Puntland adminstartion with current crisis and the structure of the powerful maritime mafia.? The deputy editor?s bias surfaces in the point he makes about Puntland president: ?President of Puntland, General, Ade Muse (A Somali Canadian) did not cite a policy to eliminate piracy!? So much for a misused exclamation mark in a news story. Geeska Afrika deputy editor quotes Bile Qabowsade, media advisor for Puntland president, as saying the pirates have ?moved towards the coastal area of Eyl in Puntland, but I don't think that our administration can do anything to trace that boat because of insufficient access to the area. We don't have a word yet from the hijackers and we don't know what they are about to ask, but I believe that those pirates could only be eliminated with the help of the international community.? The piracy story ends with a note on child abuse cases being brought against five French nationals two of whom were ?senior advisors to former President Hassan Gouled Aptidon, who ruled from 1977 to 1999, a priest and two school teachers.? Geeska Afrika Online owes apology to Puntland administration if ethics of journalism are upper most in minds its editors.