Freed aid workers refused to work in Somalia

Published on Wednesday 2nd July 2008

Somalia: The four Somali humanitarian workers of the italian NGO named Acqua per la vita (water for life) abducted by armed men on the road to Mogadishu were leaving for Italy.

In Italy the workers would have been hosted by the NGO, which had set up a humanitarian marathon to collect funds in Trento on July 5, sources within the organization their Merka office reported the news.

The initiative also posed the chance for the ONG to pass on an important responsibility: an orphanage ion Merka, which up to last year was in the hands of Mana Abdurahmaan  founder of the Somali NGO 'Ayuub', partner of 'Acqua per la vita'- who died of a terrible illness, would symbolically be turned over to her daughter, who was ready to leave Great Britain for Somalia.

Faduna, sister of the deceased, had left Italy, where she lives near to Rome, to pick up the Ayuub workers in Somalia.

She too is now in the hands of the kidnappers.

A humanitarian worker that had broken off from the group managed to catch the flight to Italy. According to reports by 'Acqua per la vita', 4 Somali employees of the NGO and one FAO agronomist were captured.

The organisation, established geologist Elio Sommavilla, has been active in the country since the end of the 1980s.