Somalia: UNDP stop operation in Baidoa town

Published on Sunday 13th July 2008

Somalia: The UNDP has pulled out its staff from Baidoa town, the HQ of Bay Region on reasons related to security Bay regional administration has commented on the matter.

The Senior UNDP officials left Baidoa recently following insecurity incidents which affected humanitarian organizations operating in the region.

The officials had been undertaking many (humanitarian) activities in the region.

UNDP's operations have stopped in Baidoa following the withdrawal as the reason for its pullout is related to targeted killings against its staff.

The governor of Bay Region, Abdifatah Gesay, who spoke to local Somali media  on this issue said UNDP's pullout from Baidoa was wrong and without reason.

He said incidents of insecurity that happen in Baidoa and Bay Region as a whole, also happen in many parts of the world and does not affect the activities of UNDP.

The town has also experienced in the last days insecurity apprehensions following Alshabab group has attacked with mortars in the town in the last week that killed up to 11 Somali soldiers.

Most of the mortars were hit on the presidential palace in the town where most of the death happened.“I saw scores of dead soldiers being taken from the ground" an eyewitness who declined to identify said.

More than 20 others wounded in the attack.Alshabab group has claimed the responsibility of the attack.

"The Mujahidin fighters have heavily bombed on the infidel follower's headquarter of Baidoa, we vow that such attacks will be carried out in Baidoa until we root out the enemy of Allah and its stooges" the spokesman of the group sheikh Moqtar Robow abu Mansur said.

The attack was the deadliest attack took place in the town.