Stampede in a stadium kills 23 in Sudan

Published on Sunday 13th July 2008

Sudan: At least 23 people, mostly women and children, have been killed in a stampede at a football stadium in Omdurman, near Sudan's capital on Sunday.

Officials said at least another 36 people were injured.

Police and hospital officials said, the victims were crushed as they tried to enter the Al-Mirrikh Stadium to attend a national service graduation ceremony on Sunday.

The victims were among relatives attending a graduation ceremony for youth after their basic training before the onset of their one-year obligatory military service.

Witnesses blame the incident on the event being poorly organised. The ceremony still went ahead.

"Crowds trying to get into stadium led to the deaths of 23 people. The majority of them are women and children, and 36 people were injured who are now in Omdurman Hospital," said police in a statement.

The 23 bodies were brought to the morgue now, official said.

Relatives had flocked to the stadium in Khartoum's twin city to watch youths graduate after their basic training before starting their one-year obligatory military service.