Somali top police officer wishes to join militants

Published on Monday 21st July 2008

Somalia: A high ranking officer in the Somali police department officially said that he would join the insurgents which are day to day carrying hit and ran attacks at the Somali government and their Ethiopian ally.

This police officer has the colonel badge on his shoulders as he has told the local radio station, and his name is called Col Artan Ali Warsame, and he also added that he was assigned for the task of relation of the regional police to the main police headquarters in the capital.

“I have come to know that the Somali nation has fallen into the hands of Somalis number one enemy, and I have personally seen some things which are not useful for the Somali population, and this has forced me to quit my post” said the resigned police officer.

The officer has been long serving personnel in the Somali police department in hey days, and in the current transitional federal government of Somalia.

This officer also said that he has sufficient training both in the military and in the police as well, and added that he would offer his experience in the insurgents.