Somali journalists gets training in Ethiopia

Published on Saturday 21st June 2008

Addis Ababa: Ethiopia has launched a month-long training programme for under-pressure Somali journalists, Addis Ababa said Saturday.

"The Ministry of Information in collaboration with the publicly-owned media offers a month-long training in journalism to practitioners from Somalia," a statement read.

Around 10 journalists working for radio stations in Baidowa and Mogadishu have started the training programme, focused on radio broadcasting, journalists' code of ethics and scheduling.

Ethiopia sent troops into Somalia 18 months ago to help dislodge Islamists who had taken control, and continues to back the country's transition government.

As well as Ethiopian troops, journalists in Somalia have come under attack from Islamist insurgents.

It is only this year that Ethiopia was removed from a media rights watchdog's list of enemies of press freedoms.