Somalia: Hundreds Support interim PM's Plan

Published on Sunday 23rd March 2008

Somalia, March 22: Hundreds of people gathered at a football stadium Saturday in Somalia's capital to showcase public support for interim Prime Minister Nur "Adde" Hassan Hussein's plan for national reconciliation.


The demonstration, held at Conis Stadium in north Mogadishu, was organized by the Banadir regional government and featured speeches by Mogadishu Mayor Mohamed "Dheere" Omar and Interior Minister Muse Nur Amin. Both government officials said they welcomed the Prime Minister's reconciliation plan and appealed to the armed opposition to join the peace process, Garowe Online report said. Since his appointment last November, Prime Minister Nur Adde has pursued a reconciliation agenda aimed at finding lasting resolution to the 17-year Somali conflict. He has repeatedly called on the armed opposition, including the al-Shabaab militants, to join the reconciliation process and take part in efforts to restore stability in the war-torn Horn of Africa country. But al-Shabaab fighters who are believed to be spearheading the insurgency in Mogadishu have refused to talk with the government. The armed group, which was just added to the U.S. list of terror organizations, has vowed to continue fighting against the government and its foreign military allies until Islamic rule is restored in Somalia. On Saturday, a 6-truck Ethiopian army convoy struck a landmine as it headed towards Mogadishu, witnesses said. Locals described seeing smoke arise from one of the trucks, which was slightly damaged by the force of the explosion. It was the third landmine explosion targeting Ethiopian troops in Mogadishu since yesterday, wounding a total of four soldiers, according to confirmed reports.