Somali civilian gunned down by Ethiopia forces

Published on Sunday 23rd March 2008

Somalia, March 23: Ethiopian soldiers have killed at least one civilian and seriously injured nine others in the southern Somali capital, Mogadishu.


Ethiopian soldiers opened fire on civilians, who were shopping, in Hareryale district without any reasons, Press TV reporter in Mogadishu said on Sunday. Witnesses said the soldiers were the guards of Somali presidential palace. In a press conference in southern Mogadishu, former Somali president Abdul Khasiim Salad Hassan has censured Somali and Ethiopian soldiers for their inhumane treatment of civilians. He also blamed the United States for the presence of Ethiopian soldiers in his country. Abdul Khasiim said the US has sent Ethiopian soldiers to Somalia in order to take the revenge of those US soldiers who were killed in the country in 1993. He also said that hundreds of Somalis have been killed and displaced by Ethiopian soldiers and asked them to leave the country.