Troops and Officials depart Somali army and Govt

Published on Sunday 23rd March 2008

Somalia, March 23: Scores of soldiers have escaped from Somali army as more than seven government officers resign from local administration offices.


Mogadishu Mayor Mohamed Omar Habeb, better known as Mohamed Dheere, told Press TV correspondent on Sunday that at least 43 Somali soldiers had deserted, giving in their brand new AK 47 guns to anti-government forces. The spokesman for Islamic Courts Union (ICU) Sheik Muhammad Ibrahim Suley praised the move, saying it served as a very good example for the rest of the troops fighting on the government's side, Press TV report said. "Now I'm not working for this government. Everybody must know that," said Jiimale Ulusoow Ahmed who reportedly pioneered the Sunday resignations. On Saturday, four other government officers left their posts because their families were worried about their lives, they told reporters.