Somali gunmen killed Putland intelligent agent

Published on Tuesday 25th March 2008

Bossaso (Somalia), March 25: Unidentifed gunmen shot dead an agent working for the Puntland Intelligence Service (PIS) in Somalia's northeastern region was shot and killed by unidentified gunmen, becoming the third shooting death inside the port city of Bossaso in the past 48 hours.


PIS agent Said Ahmed's killers escaped after shooting him several times Monday night, locals said. He becomes the third PIS agent to be killed in Bossaso and the second targeted killing of a PIS agent this month alone, Garowe Online report said. No one has been arrested for the string of killings targeting PIS officers. It is not clear why the PIS agents are being targeted, but the Puntland administration is the major domestic backer of Somalia's transitional federal government. That government, based in Mogadishu, is locked in a guerrilla war with Islamist-led insurgents who want to overthrow the government and its foreign military allies. Yesterday, police discovered the body of Dr. Idle Shire Samatar, a doctor who practiced veterinary medicine, inside a hotel in Bossaso. A suspect is in custody in connection with Dr. Samatar's killing, police officials said. The Puntland region has been relatively stable compared to daily violence in south Somalia, but the region's security has been gradually deteriorating in recent months, with observers attributing the rise in crime to the government's inability to pay for the services for its security forces.