Somalia hospitals are overcrowded, lack of supplies

Published on Thursday 27th March 2008

Somalia, March 27: The heavy fighting between Somalia's Islamist rebels and officials cops has been deteriorated dramatically as the hospitals in the country's capital ran out of medical supplies.


The Ethiopian attacks have killed thousands of Somalis and wounded hundreds of innocent civilians while hospitals face shortages of food and medicine, a Press TV report said on Thursday. Mogadishu hospitals are filled with civilians, mostly women and children. A civilian told Press TV that the world is silent over what is happening in Somalia and the 'real catastrophic situation' in the country is overlooked by the mass media. Hospitals in this Horn of Africa country especially in southern Mogadishu are in serious need of humanitarian aids as hundred of injured people, in unstable conditions, need support. More than 6,500 people have been killed in Somalia in 2007, and the international aid agencies have warned that the war-scarred country has become too dangerous to work in as fresh fighting erupted.