Somalia capital jolted by heavy explosion

Published on Friday 28th March 2008

Mogadishu (Somalia), March 28: A very powerful explosion near Somalia's Presidential Palace, which is the scene of heavy fighting, has rocked the Somali capital of Mogadishu.


The explosion occurred near the country's presidential palace in the capital city, a Press TV correspondent reported on Friday. The explosion came after the Ethiopian soldiers had left for their previous strongholds. No report has been made available on the scale of damage or number of casualties from the explosion, Press TV reports said. Ethiopian and Somali forces have yet to show any concrete reaction to the incident, but it seems that some military build-up is going on in the region and some retaliatory action might be in the works. An exchange of gunfire appears to be going on between some units of the Somali troops in the Shabeele region. Residents of Hiilweyne confirmed a fresh round of fighting near the check-points dotting the city. Due to food shortages, angry mobs, made up mainly of women and children, are busy looting whatever food stores and food convoys they come across in the city.