Somalia: Ethiopian troops shot dead three

Published on Saturday 29th March 2008

Mogadishu (Somalia), March 29: Ethiopian soldiers have opened fire on a civil bus in Towfiikh district in Mogadishu, killing at least 3 passengers and injuring 12 others.


The bus entering the vicinity made a U-turn to avoid the Ethiopian soldiers patrolling in Towfiikh, but the soldiers attacked the vehicle on Friday, agency reports said. They detained the wounded passengers and an injured boy, leaving the dead bodies in the scene. Ethiopian soldiers patrolling a busy street in the Somali capital came under grenade attack on Friday, and the soldiers responded with violent force, witnesses said. The soldiers had sealed off the area, searching for a male suspect responsible for an explosion, which rocked the presidential palace earlier in the day. In a separate incident in Mogadishu, two soldiers were killed and two others were seriously injured by Islamic Courts Union (ICU) fighters, the correspondent said. The driver of the bus said the soldiers detained a male passenger, adding that he had "no idea" where they took the young man. Somali and Ethiopian government troops serving in Mogadishu are targeted by suspected insurgents on a near-daily basis. Often, innocent civilians are caught in the crossfire between the two sides.