Somaliland lion kills woman in Zoo

Published on Saturday 29th March 2008

Somalia, March 29: A minister in the self-declared Republic of Somaliland has expressed regret after a lion from his private zoo killed a woman in the capital.


Civil Aviation Minister Ali Mohammed Waran Addeh says he has shot and killed the lion involved in the incident. The police commissioner says the victim was Hinde Hassan Isse (25), AngolaPress report said. Questions are now being asked about security at the zoo in Hargeisa after it emerged that an employee was injured in a previous lion attack. The minister says he is also reconsidering whether he should keep the remaining seven lions in the zoo, which also contains leopards and gazelles. Somaliland has escaped most of the instability seen in southern Somalia since the last national government was overthrown in 1991. But its declaration of independence has not been internationally recognised.