Fresh Fighting Kills Two Civilians in Somali capital Mogadishu

Published on Sunday 13th December 2009

At least two civilians have been killed after fresh fighting between the transitional Federal Government troops backing by AMISOM and the Islamist fighters broke out in parts of the Somali capital Mogadishu, witnesses and officials told Shabelle radio on Saturday.

Abdullahi Hassan Barise, the spokesman of the transitional police forces told Shabelle radio that the fighting started as their positions were attacked by the Islamist fighters in parts of Hodan district in Mogadishu.

Mr. Barise denied that they used mortar shells as the fighting continued. He said that there were no casualties reached the soldiers.

A resident said that the two civilians died as a mortar shell landed into their house at Sigale neighbourhood in Hodan district.

Resident added that they could heard the sound of heavy gunfire at around Digfer hospital and Arwada neighborhoods all in Hodan adding that both sides exchanged heavy gunfire during the war.

The real casualties of the fighting is unclear so far.

There is no comment from the other side of the fighting so far and the fighting seems to be part of a string of clashes between the allied troops of the transitional Federal Government backing by AMISOM and the Islamist fighters in the capital.

For more we shall keep updating you for any further details about the story.


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