Kenya Closes Its Border With Somalia

Published on Sunday 20th December 2009

MOMBASA (Sh. M. Network) - The government has ordered the closure of the 600km Kenya-Somalia border to stop refugees crossing over to Kenya.

The Minister for Internal Security and Provincial Administration Prof George Saitoti directed administrators at the Coast Province to ensure that the border remains closed so that Islamist fighters do not cross the border disguised as refugees.

The Minister said besides placing the country's security organs on high alert to ensure that the Kenya-Somalia border doesn't get infiltrated by these two partisans groups fighting for the control of the horn of Africa country, the provincial administration at the Coast should supplement this by ensuring that the terrorists disguised as refugees do not cross the border.

Prof Saitoti said although Kenya wishes Somali people well: "We will not allow any Kenyan to join the fighting currently obtaining in the horn of Africa country by fighting on the side of any of the partisans."

The Minister who was speaking at the Coast PC's boardroom while addressing 21 District Commissioners from the Province, told administrators manning the districts bordering the war torn country to be hawk-eyed so that jobless Kenyans are not carted away to fight for any group.

"The government takes seriously threats by one of the fundamentalist factions prosecuting the civil strive in Somalia following reports that some Kenyans of Somali origin were being recruited to prop up the fledgling Transitional Federal Government in Mogadishu and we will go out to ensure that partisans of the two factions fighting for control of the chaotic country do not cross the border disguised as refugees," the Minister said.

"Although no Kenyan has joined this conflict as supporters of any faction, we take great exception to threats of retaliatory attacks by one of the factions and we dare them carry out their threats," the minister declared while asserting that the government was in full control of the situation.

Prof Saitoti also declared as 'hot air' claims by one of the factions involved in the Somali conflict that Kenya will "suffer the consequences of extending military support to the transitional government in Mogadishu."

"Although it is Kenyans' wish to see peace and tranquility in Somalia, we will not send our troops there to prop up any of the combatants involved in the civil strive currently obtaining in the chaotic northerly neighbor which has not had a government for over twenty years", the minister asserted.


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