Somalia's Minister Tells of Coast Control Plan

Published on Monday 5th October 2009

Somalia's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Marine Resources Abdurahman Haji Aden alias Ibbi, announced on Sunday that new sailors trained for the Transitional Federal Government will partially take care of the coast around Mogadishu.

Holding a press conference in his office in Mogadishu, Mr Ibbi stated that the Somali Government gave the sailors an approval to start guarding the Indian Ocean waters around the capital.

The minister specifically indicated that the sailors' duty will be to neutralise piracy around the coast of Mogadishu. He added that the operation will expand gradually.

Acts of piracy

"The newly trained navy force that number 528 men will guard the city from acts of piracy," said Mr Ibbi.

"Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke issued the order to engage the navy, effective today Sunday," he added.

Mr Ibbi said that the peacekeepers of African Mission in Somalia, Amisom, were going to guard the southern coast of Mogadishu, from Jazeera Beach to the port of Mogadishu. He added that the new Somali navy will guard the northern portion of the coastline, from the harbour to Elma'an natural harbour, 15 miles north of Mogadishu.

The Deputy PM said that his government was reacting to a recent incident in which pirates attacked a ship around the city's port. During the assault, the pirates killed a Syrian captain and escaped when Amisom peacekeepers went to the rescue.

The new decree orders all boats, including fishing boats to carry weapons.


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