A British Warship Saves Yemeni Fishing Boat From Somali Pirates 17 October 2009

Published on Saturday 17th October 2009

A British warship has Saturday managed to save Yemeni fishing boat from Somali pirates who were trying to hijack it as it was traveling through the water according to Yemani officials.

The warship which is one of the NATO maritime navels continuing the military operations against the Somali piracy in Gulf of Aden and Somali coast have forcibly freed the Yemeni fishing boat Mahrom from Somali pirates.

One of Yemeni coast guards said that British warship successfully saved the boat which was from Mukala port adding that the Somali pirates who attacked the boat were 8 men and failed to handle the boat which was on board with 15 crewmen.

Independent reports indicate that boat crews have been questioned by some of British warship officers after the accident and the crew men of the boat said that they were going to Somalia to sell 35 barrels of fuel which they carried pointing ting out that they were also planning to fish.

Reports sat they the British troops took over the weapons of the Somali pirates and the step comes as there attacks of the Somali pirates increasing day after as there are more European warships patrolling in the coast of Somalia and Gulf of Aden.



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