Iata Suspends Bellview Airlines of Nigeria

Published on Saturday 17th October 2009

The troubles of Bellview Airlines seem to have been compounded further following notification by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) that it has suspended the airline with immediate effect from the association's clearing house.

IATA, in a notice to Billing Settlement Plan (BSP) participants and all its accredited travel agents, informed that all travel agents should stop immediately all ticketing in regard to the airline.

The statement posted on the IATA website sent to the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), reads: "We would like to inform you that IATA has suspended Bellview Airlines (B3 -208) with immediate effect, as the airline has ceased operations. The suspension from the BSP is in accordance with the provisions in Resolution 850 Attachment F.

"BSP Travel Agents should stop immediately all ticketing and refund transactions through the GDSs and BSP link; continue to remit funds to the BSP.

"IATA will be pursuing an agreement with the airline management and/or the appointed administrator to formalize the ticket refund process. IATA will keep you updated of any new developments as and when they transpire."

It would be recalled that last week, Bellview Airlines grounded its operations, both domestic and regional, due to various challenges, including lack of aircraft to ply the routes.

The airline had told the media that it was only trying to restructure to provide efficient service to its passengers, stressing that the carrier tends to bounce back next month when the six aircraft it ordered for would have flown into the country.

But a source claimed, "It is not true that (NCAA) grounded Bellview Airlines. The airline with regards to international standard; decided to shut down its operations temporarily, pending the time the aircraft they ordered would be flown into the country. Instead of rescheduling your flights and outright cancellations, it is better if the airline takes the option to re-organize itself," the source said.

However, with this notification, Bellview Airlines can no longer interline with airlines that it has codesharing agreements with, thus compounding the challenges it will face refunding fares.

This is more so as Saturday Champion gathered that the airline has sold tickets up to December on all of its routes.


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People take flight offers

People take flight offers each and every to destinations around the world. Airlines are becoming experts at getting the most money out of both frequent and infrequent fliers. While some people fly routinely and often for business, others fly only for vacations or when there is absolutely no way whatsoever to get out of taking flights to reach their destinations.

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Disrupts Interline Travel for Employees

This kind of thing always disrupts interline travel for employees. It's a shame that action from IATA, Airlines, and other "big business" tends to affect the little guys more than anyone else.

Airline employee discounts are one of the few benefits these folks have, so taking away interline travel hits morale in a big way.

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