Pullout Won't Affect State Operations of of Zimbabwe President

Published on Saturday 31st October 2009

President Mugabe has assured the nation that he will not allow MDC-T's "disengagement" from the inclusive Government to affect State operations.

Opening the 78th Ordinary Session of Zanu-PF's Central Committee at the party's headquarters yesterday, President Mugabe said MDC-T had proved that it was not a "true and genuine partner".

"We must no longer trust those who pretend to be in the inclusive Government and have jumped in and out of it.

"They can never be true and genuine partners and have proved to be dishonest.

"We, however, want to assure that we will not allow the situation to continue like that."

He said MDC-T had "disengaged" from Zanu-PF when the party was not Government but only a part of it.

"Zanu-PF is not Government, but in Government. It is part of Government like the other two parties.

"Cabinet is not a party affair. That kind of hypocrisy should be seen as it is.

"What kind of sincerity is that? We go into Government, form policies, hold investment conferences, (but) we have a part of the Government striking against themselves. Zvinorevei?

"Ko Zanu-PF zvairiko kuParliament, we have a majority with the two Houses combined.

"What we know is that they are driven by Rhodesians who want to come back and take back the land.

"They are also driven by their European sponsors. They are agents of Europe, they want regime change here."

He said Government would move on regardless of this action.

Zanu-PF's First Secretary said the inclusive Government was formed to achieve set objectives.

"We are meeting in the ninth month after the formation of the inclusive Government, and we being the important party in the Government which has yielded the President, it is our duty to examine it, how it has affected the Government and the party.

"There are two sides -- the debit side and the credit side.

"What good things have emerged from our being in the inclusive Government?

"Yes, we have peace, there is an appreciation of objectives of unity and national healing.

"We understand that the nation should be able to benefit from activities in the country.

"What are the benefits that we think have come to our nation, to our people in agriculture, commerce, the manufacturing sector, the economy and the interaction of people?"

The President said Government aimed for economic turnaround but the pace had been slow, mainly due to the illegal sanctions.

"In Europe, although they have not pronounced it, sanctions (which are) like Zidera are in practice.

"The Americans are open about it, but Europe is sly and clandestine.

"Our companies can no longer do business there, the markets no longer exist.

"Raw materials and spare parts from Europe are no longer coming.

"Masanctions, handi masanctions anorambidza vanhu vakasarudzwa kufamba asi mabusiness edu haakwanisi kutengeserana.

"Zvinorwadza nekuti nyika yedu yanga ine economy yangayakatarisa kunyika idzodzo.

"Ndokwaitengeswa fodya, nyama nezvimwe. Kuti ndoita shanduko, transformation.

"If a company is built on the strength of equipment from Germany and Germany refuses with its parts, that will be the end of it.

"This is how sanctions have wreaked havoc on our economy."

President Mugabe said the formation of the inclusive Government had brought hope that sanctions would be removed.

He, however, said there was evidence that MDC-T leaders had asked for the embargo to subsist.

"In the Global Political Agreement that we signed as Zanu-PF, MDC-T and MDC-M, it is stated that parties should work in getting Europe and America to lift the sanctions.

"They are our partners in Government, but they are refusing. The words from (Finance Minister) Biti are political and nonsensical."

He said MDC-T leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai asked European Union officials who visited Zimbabwe to maintain sanctions.

"The three representatives of the EU who came to Zimbabwe were told not to lift the sanctions now.

"It is not possible to achieve the objectives set out in the Short-Term Emergency Recovery Programme, it is not possible in the absence of a free environment for business.

"With sanctions, industry cannot get the spare parts it wants," he said.

President Mugabe said expectations were that the three parties would be honest with each other.

"The party led by (Professor) Mutambara has tried to be with us during the day, but are with the other side during the night.

"They have one leg in and another leg out.

"We thought we are together in the inclusive Government, but they run to their European friends and run a parallel government and this is objectionable," he said.

He, however, said there were many enquiries by people interested in investing in mining, manufacturing, construction and communications.

"The situation is ripe and we need to make sure that the people are employed, agriculture is producing and the country is back on its feet," he said.

President Mugabe said efforts to develop through synergies with the East would continue.


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