15 Killed in Somali Capital Mogadishu Clashes Over Weekend

Published on Monday 13th December 2010

At least 15 people were killed over the weekend in the Somali capital Mogadishu, as fighting continued between Somali government forces backed by African Union peacekeepers and Al Qaeda-affiliated Al Shabaab insurgents on the other side, Radio Garowe reports.

The sectors in the city where these clashes are taking place are Hodan and partly of Howlwadag districts.

Both the warring sides used both heavy and light weaponry, which the inhabitants of the other surrounding districts could hear.

"The fighting has commenced in the late hours of Saturday night, and is till on Sunday daybreak taking place at Hodan and partly of Howlwadag districts" said Yusuf Ahmed who is among the few remaining residents in Hodan district speaking to Garoweonline.

Mr. Yusuf has added that it's was the Al-Shabaab fighters who have raided the bases of the Somali government soldiers and those of their AU allies in Hodan district, adding that he has witnessed the death of 6 noncombatant civilians in the vicinity, 3 government soldiers and 2 of the Al-shabaab insurgents.

Medical sources which Garoweonline has reached via the wire have confirmed receiving 17 wounded civilians who were trapped in the fighting zones.

So far no official from the warring sides has remarked about these ongoing clashes. The newly elected Premier of Somalia Mohamed Abdullah Mohamed (Farmajo) declared to sweepout all the Islamists factions in Somalia in 100 days.

Fighting in Mogadishu as became part of the daily routine in the city, despite the presence of weak Western-backed government in Mogadishu.



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